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• KCC WhatsApp number is 403-420-5575.

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• Tithes and Offering is available online via interac e-transfer with

• The Tithes and Offering Box is available for us to give cash or cheques too!

Birthday Celebrations


  • KCC Online Bible Study every Thursday @ 6:30 PM on Google Meet.
  • Children's Church will meet virtually on Sundays | except the 1st Sunday of each month
    Shepherd's Class | Ages 8-11 years @2:30 PM
    Saints' Class | Ages 5-7 years @ 3:00 PM
    Angel's Class | Ages 2-4 years @ 4:00 PM

In the News

  • EVERY 3rd Friday of the month, our prayer vigil will be held.

Recap of 2021 Beginning of year prayer and Fasting

2021 Beginning of year prayer and Fasting

This is Our Anchor Scripture:

Joel 2:15‭-‬19 NLT

Blow the ram’s horn in Jerusalem! Announce a time of fasting; call the people together for a solemn meeting. Gather all the people— the elders, the children, and even the babies. Call the bridegroom from his quarters and the bride from her private room. Let the priests, who minister in the Lord ’s presence, stand and weep between the entry room to the Temple and the altar. Let them pray, “Spare your people, Lord! Don’t let your special possession become an object of mockery. Don’t let them become a joke for unbelieving foreigners who say, ‘Has the God of Israel left them?’” Then the Lord will pity his people and jealously guard the honor of his land. The Lord will reply, “Look! I am sending you grain and new wine and olive oil, enough to satisfy your needs. You will no longer be an object of mockery among the surrounding nations.

Let us be focused on the Lord; Press in and watch God move in our lives.

2021 FAST

Week 1

  • Mon Feb. 1st - Thanksgiving
  • Tue Feb. 2nd - Withstand to Stand – Building Capacity
  • Wed Feb. 3rd - Church Leadership and the Church (all churches)
  • Thur Feb. 4th - Anchor Scripture for the Year – 1 John 1:11-12
  • Fri Feb. 5th - Pandemic – Divine healing, health and protection

Week 2

  • Mon Feb. 8tt - Children
  • Tue Feb. 9th - Pandemic – Frontline Workers
  • Wed Feb. 10th - Families
  • Thur Feb. 11th - Testimonies – Revelation 12:11 and 19:10 – ALL
  • Fri Feb. 12th - Fulfilling God’s Purpose for your life

Week 3

  • Mon Feb. 15th - Preparing for the return of Christ
  • Tue Feb. 16th - Spiritual Growth and Strength
  • Wed Feb. 17th - Career and Finances (jobs, provision, students)
  • Thur Feb. 18th - Unity in the Body of Christ
  • Fri Feb. 19th - Prayer Meeting | 8pm – 10pm

Week 4

  • Mon Feb. 22nd - Youth
  • Tue Feb. 23rd - Canada: Economic, Spiritual and Social
  • Wed Feb. 24th - Wisdom and godly discernment for daily living
  • Thur Feb. 25th - – Government: Be subject to the Government of Jesus and wisdom to lead through the crisis
  • Fri Feb. 26th - Living Fully for God
  • Mon Mar. 1st - Thanksgiving
  • Tues Mar. 2nd - Consecration for Service in these last days

May the Lord give us strength to wait on Him according to our abilities and May He hear our prayers in Jesus name. Amen!